Apparitions of Angels and Demons

Venerable Carlo Acutis brings together 131 testimonies of visions and apparitions of Angels and Demons in the lives of the Saints. The exhibition is the fruit of careful and thorough research carried out on an international scale. It draws also from various historical documents in the “Positiones” of persons whose cause of canonization is pending before the Congregation for the Causes of Saints. The experiences collected in the exhibition encompass all the centuries of the Christian Era.

At the exhibition, visitors will find points for reflection on the presence of the Angels and Demons in people’s lives. In the various testimonies we see the Angels portrayed as messengers of God and guardians of men and women and the Demons as tempters and instigators of rebellion against God. Some people will be surprised to learn that the testimonies of the existence of the Angels and Demons confirm that, after death, there is a world to which every human being is called. Now it is up to us to visit the exhibition and immerse ourselves in it with mind and heart open to the challenges these episodes will bring up.