Carlo Acutis’ Mission Continues

Venerable Carlo Acutis was an Italian Roman Catholic teenager. He was best known for documenting Eucharistic miracles around the world and cataloging them all onto a website that he himself created in the months before his death from leukemia. He was noted for his cheerfulness and for his computer skills as well as for his deep devotion to the Eucharist which became a core theme of his life.

Carlo Acutis, who died of leukemia at the age of 15, offering his suffering for the pope and for the Church, Acutis was born in London May 3, 1991, to Italian parents who soon returned to Milan. He was a pious child, attending daily Mass, frequently praying the rosary, and making weekly confessions. Carlo Acutis was born in a rich family with all facilities. But he humbled himself, he never boasted upon his richness, and high status.

Exceptionally gifted in working with computers, Acutis developed a website which catalogued Eucharistic miracles. This website was the genesis of The Eucharistic Miracles of the World, an international exhibition which highlights such occurrences. He utilized each moment to spread devotion to Jesus and also he tried to live as much holy as he can. 

Carlo Acutis died of leukemia in Monza, near Milan, Oct. 12, 2006.

Acutis stated that “To always be close to Jesus, that’s my life plan. I am happy to die because I have lived my life without wasting even a minute of it doing things that would not have pleased God.”

He also said that “our aim has to be the infinite and not the finite. The Infinite is our homeland. We have always been expected in Heaven,” and he called the Eucharist “my highway to heaven.”