Marian Apparations

Carlo Acutis, as an expert catechist, had continually sought to find increasingly new ways to help others reinforce their faith. For this reason he bequeathed to us as an inheritance his Exhibitions, among which is the very notable one on Eucharistic Miracles. It was precisely in 2002, while visiting the expositions of the Meeting of Rimini, that Carlo had decided to organize an exhibition on the Eucharistic Miracles recognized by the Church. A demanding commitment in which even his family members were involved for nearly two and a half years. The spiritual effects being brought about by this Exhibition were unpredictable on the eve of the project. To this day we can affirm that the Exhibition has been hosted in all 5 Continents thanks to the generous contribution of several very special people, among whom stand out the members of the Real Presence Eucharistic Education and Adoration Association who assisted so very much in this undertaking.

Finally in 2014 we have succeeded in bringing also to completion this exhibition, dedicated to the Virgin Mary, which Carlo had initiated in 2006 but was unable to finish due to the sudden onset of a fulminating leukemia that brought him to Heaven within a few days. The young Venerable Carlo Acutis was profoundly marked in his spiritual journey by the Virgin Mary, “humble and high beyond any creature” (Dante Alighieri), and he established from the inception the objective of imitating her in all of her virtues. The Virgin Mary was for him the highest example of purity and of unconditional love for God. Mary Most Holy revealed to mankind the image of that which the Church, a wanderer upon the earth, will be one day — at the end of this world. We know that for each Christian, holiness is achieved only through an intense life of Faith, Hope, and Charity. Of all three of these theological virtues, Carlo wrote that Mary “is an exemplary model and her example of faith, supported by her perfect charity, must encourage us to continue in our journey toward holiness regardless of our fragility.” Upon hearing the message of the Angel who announced to her the birth of the Savior who was coming to establish the Kingdom without end and the Covenant between God and mankind, Mary with her “Yes” gave us the perfect sacred image upon which to model our life too. The sublime fruit of her cooperation with God’s plan of redemption was her universal motherhood: “For this reason she became a Mother for us in the order of grace.” (Lumen Gentium, 61). In union with Christ and submissive to Him, she collaborated in obtaining the grace of salvation for all of humanity, in a unique and unrepeatable way. Suffering with Him dying on the Cross “she cooperated in a very special way with the work of the Savior” (Lumen Gentium, 61).

Because of this, the motive is well understood that drove Carlo to be continually interested in all of the manifestations of the Virgin Mary which, for more than two millennia, like very bright stars, have illuminated the path for multitudes of people. “Surely”, Carlo said, “the miracles accomplished by the Virgin Mary during her apparitions on earth can be of a great help to increase the Faith of many people… How can they be ignored”, he often asked, “the appeals that Our Lady gave us? And yet”, he said, “knowing our little Faith, in her maternal goodness, the Blessed Mother wanted to work countless numbers of miracles precisely to help us to believe, yet despite these amazing signs many, still today, remain so indifferent!” Carlo used to say that “many people seek signs from Heaven to reinforce their Faith, but there are also many who unfortunately do not even seek them and if by chance they find them, intentionally ignore them because they are too preoccupied with worldly things.” However, he never lost spirit, because he nourished in his heart the ever lively hope that, sooner or later, the Guardian Angels would have created favorable circumstances in order to sensitize souls that were distant from God to embark upon a life more consistent with His Laws. Our wish, like Carlo’s, is that through this exhibition many will rediscover the path which leads to God and that they, too, are able to become bearers of light to all those who are still in darkness.