Marian Apparitions

Our Lady of the Pillar

According to legend, in the early days of the Church
on January 2, 40 AD, the Apostle James the Great
was proclaiming the Gospel in Caesaraugusta
(present day Zaragoza) by the river Ebro, when he
saw Mary miraculously appearing in the flesh on a
pillar calling him to return to Jerusalem. The pillar,
which was being carried by angels, is believed to be
the same one venerated in Zaragoza, Spain today.
Miraculous healings have been reported at the

The Woman Clothed in the Sun

According to some legends, St. John the Evangelist
received a vision of the Virgin Mary before he
composed the Book of Revelation

Our Lady of the Snows

A wealthy but childless Roman couple, John and his
wife decided to leave their fortune to the Church. The
Virgin appeared to them on the night of August 4th
and told them that she wished a basilica to be
constructed on the Esquiline Hill which would be
outlined in snow. Pope Liberius also received the
same message from the Virgin and ordered the
construction of St. Mary Major Basilica.
Feast : August 15

Our Lady of Covadonga

Dom Pelayo, first King of the Asturias led the first
victory over the Moors in all the Iberian Peninsula in
the year 722. Our Lady appeared to him and left
behind a statue of Herself and the Christ Child. Feast : September 07, A Basilica stands at the spot of the apparition to honor Our Lady of Covadonga.

Our Lady of Walsingham

Our Lady of Walsingham is a title used for Mary, the
mother of Jesus. The title derives from the belief that
Mary appeared in a vision to Richeldis de Faverches,
a devout Saxon noblewoman, in 1061 in the village
of Walsingham in Norfolk, England. Lady Richeldis
had a Holy House built in Walsingham which became
a shrine and place of pilgrimage. Feast: Semptember 24

Our Lady of the Rosary

Domingo de Guzman, also known as St. Dominic,
was a Spanish preacher. He made his way to
France, and while praying in a chapel in Prouille,
Mary appeared to him and gave him the Rosary and
urged him to preach the Rosary to all people as a
remedy against heresy and sin. Feast: October 07

Our Lady of Ransom

The Blessed Virgin appeared to Saint Peter, to his
confessor, Raymund of Pennafort, and to King
James of Aragon, and through these three men
established a work of the redemption of captives.
She desired the establishment of the Mercedarian
religious order. (derives from the Spanish word for
mercy – merced ) Its members would seek to free
Christian captives and offer themselves, if necessary,
as an exchange. Feast: September 24. The Order of theMercedarians was approved by Gregory IX on Jan 17, 1235

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel

In answer to St. Simon Stock’s appeal for help for his
oppressed order, the Virgin Mary appeared to him
with a scapular in her hand and the promise of safety
from Hell. Soon after, he instituted the confraternity of
the Brown Scapular. Feast: July 16, Confirmation of the
Rule of the Order by
Pope Honorius III,
Gregory IX, and
Pope Innocent IV

Our Lady of the Guard

According to tradition, on August 29, 1490 the Virgin
Mary appeared to a peasant called Benedetto Pareto
and asked him to build a chapel on the mountain.
Pareto was surprised and replied that he was only a
poor man and would not be able to do that. But the
Virgin Mary exhorted him by saying “Do not be
No official approval.
The shrine was
visited by Popes
John Paul II and
Benedict XVI.

Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Blessed Virgin Mary, by her title, Our Lady of
Guadalupe, is the Patroness of Mexico and the
Americas. On December 9, 1531, Our Lady
appeared to Saint Juan Diego, an Indian Christian,
whom she sent to the bishop with the request to build
a Church in her honor on the hill where she
appeared. She directed Juan Diego to gather a
bouquet of roses that miraculously appeared on a
bush nearby to present to the bishop. Juan Diego
gathered the roses in his tilma (cloak). When he
opened his tilma before the bishop, the roses fell to
the floor, and the bishop was amazed to see the
miraculous image of the Mother of God imprinted on
the cloak. Her feast day is December 12. Dece. 1215 by Archbishop Alonso de Montúfar
(Vatican approved)

Our Lady of Ocotlan

A young native Tlaxcalan man named Juan Diego
Bernardino was going to draw water from a river
believed at the time to have healing properties. Our
Lady appeared to him and led him to a special spring
of water. She promised him that an image of herself
could be found within a tree. The Franciscans
discovered the image and placed it in the San
Lorenzo monastery. 2nd Sunday of July
Pope Benedict XIV granted Indulgences, privileges and Apostolic indults to the faithful venerating the image of Our Lady of Ocotlan.

Our Lady of Good Health

There are three major events associated with Our
Lady of Good of Health in Vailankanni. The Virgin
Mary is said by tradition to have appeared to a
shephered boy named Tamil Krishnannesti
Sankaranarayanam who offered her child milk. She
is subsequently said to have appeared to and healed
a crippled boy selling buttermilk. A group of
Portuguese sailors attribute being saved from a
violent storm to her intercession. They constructed a
larger chapel at their landing spot in Vailankanni.
Sept. 08
Nov 3, 1962
(Pope John the XXIII
raises the Shrine to
Basilica status)

Our Lady of Kazan

According to tradition, the icon was discovered on
July 8, 1579, underground in the city of Kazan by a
little girl, Matrona, to whom the location of the image
was revealed by the Theotokos, the Blessed Virgin
Mary, in a Marian apparition.[1] The original icon was
kept in the Theotokos Monastery of Kazan, built to
commemorate the spot where it had been

Our Lady of Good Success

Our Lady of Good Success appeared to Spanishborn
Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres at her
Conceptionist Royal Convent in Quito, Ecuador. She
requested that a statue be made in her likeness and
warned of diminishing faith and vocations in the 20th
Feb. 02
Feb 2, 1611 –
Bishop Salvador de
Riber (Vatican
approved)Mariana de Jésus Torres, one of the young nuns who
travelled from spain to Quito to start the first convent,
saw the Blessed Mother herself. She asked her if she
would be willing to offer her life for the sins of the
Twentieth century. She was also given the choice to
stay in heaven or earth. Mariana decided to stay. On
February 2, 1610, as Mariana was praying to the
Blessed Mother, she appeared to her and stated: “I
am Mary of Good Success, whom you have invoked
with such tender affection. Your prayer has pleased
me very much. Your faith has brought me here. Your
love has invited me to visit

Our Lady of Charity

The town of El Cobre was founded in 1550 as a
Spanish copper mine, worked by slaves and Indians.
One day in 1608, two Indians and a slave boy were
gathering salt on the coast near El Cobre when they
saw something floating in the water. It was a small
statue of the Virgin Mary, carrying the Christ child and
a gold cross. She floated on a board bearing the
inscription, Yo soy la Virgen de la Caridad, “I am the
Virgin of Charity.”
Sept. 08 Catholic church Appoved

Our Lady of Siluva

One summer day, in 1608, a number of children were
playing while tending their sheep in a field on the
outskirts of the village of Siluva. They beheld a
beautiful young woman standing on the rock holding
a baby in her arms and weeping bitterly. The town
which had lost its Catholic identity to the Calvinists
over the course of 80 years was restored to the
Sept. 08
Aug 17, 1775 by
Pope Pius VI.
(Vatican approved)

Our Lady of Good of Coromoto

The first apparition of the Virgin Mary was in the
forest where the Cospes had fled, on September 8,
1652, when the Virgin appeared to the Cacique
(ruler) of the Cospes Coromoto and his wife, saying
in his own language: “Go to the white house and ask
them to pour water into their head to go to heaven”;
then, the Virgin asked him and his tribe to be
Feb. 02
Traditional approval
only. In 1950, Pope
Pius XII declared Our
Lady of Coromoto the
Patroness of
Venezuela. Pope John
Paul II crowned the
image and Pope
Benedict XVI elevated
the National Shrine of
Our Lady of Coromoto
to the rank of

Our Lady of Le Laus

Benoite Rencurel, a poor shepherdess, was born in
The Virgin Mary started appearing to her in
1664 and continued visiting her throughout the rest of
her life. The Blessed Mother told her to “pray
continuously for sinners.”
Sept. 27
May 4, 2008 -Bishop
Jean-Michel di Falco
of the Diocese of
Gap (Vatican

Our Lady of Las Lajas

In 1754, Maria Mueses de Quinones, an Indian
woman from the village of Potosi, Colombia and her
deaf-mute daughter Rosa were caught in a very
strong storm. They sought refuge in a canyon
between the gigantic Lajas. To Maria’s surprise, her
mute daughter, Rosa exclaimed with her first words
“the mestiza is calling me…” She did not see the
figures of a woman and child that the girl described
and fearfully ran back with her daughter to Ipiales
and told the townspeople. After later returning to the
spot, the woman saw an apparition of Our Lady and
Child. Some months later, Rosa died and was
returned to life when her mother prayed again at the
cave. The townspeople came to see this place and
encountered the miraculous image burned into the
Feast: Sept. 16
Traditional approval
only. The Roman
Catholic Church
authorized the cult
of Nuestra Señora
de Las Lajas Virgin
in 1951.

Our Lady of LaVang

Many Christians took refuge in the jungle near
Quang Tri where they prepared themselves for
martyrdom. Many people died from the weather,
wildlife, sickness and starvation. One night while
praying the rosary they were visited by an apparition
of Our Blessed Mother holding a child in her arms,
with two angels at her sides. She comforted them
and told them to boil the leaves from the surrounding
trees to use as medicine. She also told them that all
those who came to this place to pray, would get their
prayers heard and answered. All those who were
present, including Buddhists, witnessed this miracle.
Feast: Nov. 22
Traditional approval
only. Pope John
Paul II celebrated
the 200th
anniversary of the

Our Lady of Lichen

According to legend, the Virgin Mary appeared in
Lichen, Poland to Tomasz Klossowski, a wounded
soldier, in 1813 who was healed and discovered a
miraculous portrait of Our Lady. She then appeared
to a poor shepherd, Mikolaj Sikatka, in 1850 who
promoted her devotion. She foretold of a cholera
epidemic and interceded for the healing of many who
sought her help.
Traditional approval
only. In 1967 the
Primate of Poland
crowned the image.
Pope John Paul II
consecrated the
Sanctuary on June

Our Lady of theMiraculous Medal

In the chapel of the Daughters of Charity of St.
Vincent de Paul, Mary showed herself three times to
novice Catherine Laboure. Laboure said she was
commissioned by the Virgin to have the medal of the
Immaculate Conception or “Miraculous Medal” made
in order to spread devotion to Our Lady.
Nov. 27
1836 by Archbishop
de Quelen of Paris.
(Vatican approved)

Our Lady of Zion

Marie Alphonse Ratisbonne, an anti-Catholic Jew,
befriended a baron in Rome and began wearing the
Miraculous Medal as a simple test. On Jan 20, 1842
while waiting for the baron in the church Sant Andrea
delle Fratte, Ratisbonne encountered a vision of the
Blessed Virgin Mary. He converted to Catholicism,
joined the priesthood, and began a ministry for the
conversion of Jews.
Nov. 17
June 3, 1842 by the
Vicar General of
Pope Gregory XVI,
Cardinal Patrizi.
(Vatican approved)

Our Lady of La Salette

Six thousand feet up in the French Alps, Mary is
believed to have come to Maximin and Melanie while
they tended sheep. Her appearance in sorrow and
tears called for conversion and penance for sins.
Sept. 19
Nov 16th, 1851 by
Mgr de Bruillard
(Vatican approved)If my people do not wish to submit themselves, I am forced to let go of the Hand of My Son — It is so heavy and it weighs Me down so much I can no longer keep hold of it .
Society is on the very eve of the most terrible scourges and Greatest Events; One must expect to be governed by a rod of iron and to drink the chalice of GOD’S WRATH !
Priests, My Sons Ministers, priests, by their evil life, by their irreverence, and their impiety in celebrating the Holy Mysteries, love of money, love of honour
and pleasures . Priests have become sewers of impurity. Woe to priests and to persons consecrated to God who by their infidelities and their Evil are Crucifying My Son ANEW! The Heads the leaders of the people of God have neglected PRAYER and PENANCE and the devil has darkened their minds. They have become those wandering stars which The Ancient DEVIL Will drag with his tail to DESTRUCTION.
GOD, WILL Strike in an UNPARALLED MANER. Woe to the inhabitants of the earth! GOD will exhaust His Anger and No one will be able to ESCAPE IT ! .

Our Lady of Lourdes

At the Grotto of Massabielle, the Virgin showed
herself 18 times to Bernadette Soubirous. Under the
title “the Immaculate Conception,” she called for
penance and prayer for the conversion of sinners.
Jan 18, 1862 by
Bertrand Severe
Laurence, Bishop of
Tarbes (Vatican

Our Lady Of Good Help

Our Lady appeared 3 times to a 28 year old Belgium
farm woman and asked to pray for the conversion of
sinners and encouraged her to envangelize and
catechize the local people.
Dec 8, 2010 by
Bishop David L.
Ricken (Bishopapproved)

Our Lady of Hope

Mary appeared on a farm to students at the nearby
convent school (Eugene Barbadette (12), Francoise
Richer (11), Jeanne-Marie Lebosse (9), Eugene
Friteau (6)). Mary’s message was written on a banner
that unfurled from her feet: “But pray my children.
God will hear you in a short time. My Son allows
Himself to be moved by compassion.
Jan 17
Feb 1875 Bishop
Laval. (Vatican

Our Lady of the Scapular of the Sacred Heart

In 1876 in the village of Pellevoisin, Estelle Faguette
lay dying, at the age of 33, of pulmonary tuberculosis,
acute peritonitis and an abdominal tumor. On the
10th of February 1976, one of the doctors consulted,
Doctor Benard of Buzançais only gave her a few
hours to live. During the night of the February 14th,
she claimed to witness the first of fifteen apparitions
of the Blessed Virgin and was healed.
No official approval
of supernatural
event. May 1894
Pope Leo XIII
approved the
Archconfraternity of
our Mother All
Merciful of

Our Lady of Gietrzwald

In 1877, the Virgin Mary appeared to two girls
(Justyna Szafrynska (13), Barbara Samulowska (12))
over the course of 3 months and encouraged a
return to prayer.
Bishop Filip
Krementz 1878;
Warmian Bishop,
Jozef Drzazga Sept
11, 1977. (Vatican

Our Lady of Knock

During a pouring rain, the figures of Mary, Joseph,
John the Apostle and a lamb on a plain altar
appeared over the gable of the village chapel,
enveloped in a bright light. None of them spoke. At
least 15 people, between the ages of 5 and 75, saw
the apparition.
Aug. 21
In 1936 Archbishop
of Tuam, Dr.
commission returns
a positive verdict.
(Vatican approved)

Our Lady of Pompeii

The Virgin appeared as the Queen of the Rosary on
March 3, 1884 to Fortuna Agrelli after she and her
parents had prayed for her recovery from an illness.
The girl was healed on May 8 of that year.
Traditional approval
only. Pope Paul VI
crowned the image
in 1965; John Paul II
visited the shrine in
1979 and 2003.

Our Lady of Sorrows
(Castelpetroso, Italy)

Two women, Fabiana Cecchino (35) and Serafina
Giovanna Valentino (33), had a vision of Mary first as
the Pieta and later as Our Lady of Sorrows in a cave
at Castelpetroso, Italy.
1889 -Mgr.
Bishop of the
diocese of Bojano.
(Vatican approved)

Our Lady of China

The Virgin Mary appeared as a beautiful lady in the
skies when Catholics implored Her to save them from
their enemies and their city from destruction during
the Boxer Rebellion. In thanks giving for Our Lady’s
protection over the city of Donglu, a beautiful church
was built in her honour. It was meant to serve as a
constant reminder to the people of Mary’s loving and
motherly protection.
(Pope Pius XI
approved it as an
official Marian

Our Lady of Fatima /
Our Lady of the Rosary

While tending sheep, Lucia de Santos and her two
cousins, Francisco and Jacinta Marto, reported six
apparitions of Mary, who identified herself as “Our
Lady of the Rosary.” Mary urged prayer of the rosary,
penance for the conversion of sinners and
consecration of Russia to her Immaculate Heart.
May 13 October 13, 1930
(vatican approved)

The Virgin with the Golden Heart

Mary is believed to have come 33 times to the
playground of a convent school to five children.
Identifying herself as “the Immaculate Virgin” and
“Mother of God, Queen of Heaven,” she called for
prayer for the conversion of sinners.
Nov. 29
July 2, 1949 by the
Bishop of Namur.
(Vatican approved)

The Virgin of the Poor

In a garden behind the Beco family’s cottage, the
Blessed Mother is said to have appeared to Mariette
Beco (age 11) eight times. Calling herself the “Virgin
of the Poor,” Mary promised to intercede for the poor,
the sick and the suffering.
May 31
March 19th, 1942
Bishop Kerkhofs of
Liege; Aug 22, 1949.
(Vatican approved)

Queen of the Poor Souls in Purgatory

Mary appeared to four children near their homes, in a
meadow, and at other places. She was holding the
Divine Child in her arms when she first appeared.
After the children were forbidden by the Gestapo
(and briefly arrested) to go to the place of the original
apparition, Mary appeared to them in secret. Prayer,
conversion, and the rosary were the primary
Approved only for
Faith Expression in

Our Lady of All Nations

During a series of 56 apparitions, lasting 14 years,
prophecies were given to Ida Peederman along with
an image of the Blessed Mother and a prayer. The
revelations emphasize the importance of the
Eucharist and portray in detail the events will bring
about the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, most
importantly the declaration of the final Marian dogma
of Mary as The Lady of All Nations: Coredemptrix,
Mediatrix, and Advocate.
May 31, 2002 by
Bishop Jozef
Marianus Punt of
Haarlem. (Bishopapproved)

Our Lady – Rosa Mystica

Our dear Mother of God has been appearing in
Montichiari-Fontanelle (Italy) since 1947, at a time
when Faith is diminishing more and more, and sins
are on the increase at a most alarming speed. Our
Lady appeared to Pieina in a white dress. She was
adorned with three beautiful roses:white, red and
yellow. The white rose represented the spirit of
prayer, the red one represented the spirit of sacrifice,
and the yellow rose the spirit of penance and
July 13 Catholic church

Our Lady of Prayer

In the parish church of St Gilles, in L’Ile Bouchard
south of Tours, from the 8th to the 14th of December
1947, four children witnessed the apparition of the
Virgin Mary and an angel. She asked that they pray
for France and construct a grotto at the location.
Approved for Faith
Expression on Dec 8
2001 by Andre Vingt-
Trois, Archbishop of

Our Lady of America

Sr. Mary Ephrem (Mildred Neuzil), of the Precious
Blood Sisters and later a Contemplative of the
Indwelling Trinity reportedly received apparitions of
the Blessed Virgin Mary as well as of Our Lord, St.
Joseph, St. Gabriel, and St. Michael. She said she
was asked by the Blessed Virgin Mary to draw a
picture according to the vision of Our Lady of
America and have a statue constructed accordingly
and placed after a solemn procession into the
National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, in
Washington, D.C. as Our Lady of America.
Approved for Faith
Expression by
Monsignor Paul F.
Leibold, Archbishop
of the Cincinnati

Our Lady of Garabandal

Four young girls – Conchita, Jacinta, Mari Loli and
Mari Cruz – claimed that the Virgin Mary appeared to
them hundreds of times, beginning in the year 1961.
The messages from the Blessed Mother, according
to the visionaries, were urgent pleas for conversion
so as to avoid a global chastisement.
Not yet approved.

Our Lady of Zeitoun
(Our Lady of Light)

Our Lady of Zeitoun, also known simply as El-
Zeitoun, Zeitun or rarely Our Lady of Light, was a
mass Marian apparition that occurred in the Zeitoun
district of Cairo, Egypt, over a period of 2–3 years.
The first apparition at Zeitoun was recorded on the
evening of April 2, 1968 on the top of the church.
April 02 Catholic church

Our Lady of Akita

Sister Agnes Sasagawa of the Handmaids of the
Eucharist received 101 messages emanating from a
bleeding wooden statue.
April 22, 1984
approved by Bishop
John Shoojiroo Ito of
Niigata. In 1988,
Joseph Cardinal
Ratzinger allowed
Ito’s pastoral letter
and its
dissemination to the
faithful. (Bishopapproved)

Reconciler of People and Nations

Maria Esperanza of Betania, Venezuela witnessed
31 apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary over the
course of 15 years. The Virgin called herself the
“Reconciler of People and Nations” and warned of
impending war and suffering. Many visitors have
come to the site, reporting numerous miracles and
signs. On one occasion in 1984, over 100 people
claimed to have witnessed a public apparition of the
Nov 21, 1987 by
Bishop Pio Bello
Ricardo; Declared a
sanctuary on May
26, 2009 by Bishop
Freddy J.
Fuenmayor. (Bishopapproved)

Our Lady of Cuapa

Church sacristan Bernardo Martinez entered an old
chapel and observed a supernatural light illuminating
from a statue of the Blessed Virgin. The Virgin later
appeared clothed in white and asked for the daily
Rosary with Biblical citations and have the First
Saturday Devotions renewed. She also warned of
future sufferings for Nicaragua if the people didn’t
Nov 13, 1982 by
Bishop Pablo
Antonio Vega.

Our Lady of Kibeho

Our Lady of Kibeho is a title of Marian apparitions
which appeared to several adolescents, in the 1980s
in Kibeho, in south-western Rwanda. The apparitions
communicated various messages to the
schoolchildren, including an apocalyptic vision of
Rwanda descending into violence and hatred,
foretelling the 1994 Rwandan Genocide.[1]
Catholic Bishop
Augustin Misago of
Gikongoro, Rwanda
approved public
devotion linked to
the apparitions on
1988-08-15 and
declared their
authenticity on 2001-

Nyina wa Jambo
(Mother of the Word)

The apparitions began in November 1981 when six
young girls and one boy claimed to see the Blessed
Virgin Mary and Jesus. But only the visions of the first
three — 17-year-old Alphonsine, 20-year-old Nathalie,
and 21-year-old Marie Claire — have received Bishop
Misago’s solemn approval. Because there were
reservations about the other four visionaries, and the
supposed visions of Jesus, Bishop Misago didn’t
confirm the authenticity of either those visions or
June 29, 2001 –
Bishop Augustin
Misago of
Gikongoro. (Vatican

Our Lady of Medjugorje
(Queen of Peace)

On June 24, 1981, young Mirjana Dragicevic and
Ivanka Ivanković reported seeing an apparition of the
Virgin Mary in a village in what is now Bosnia-
Herzegovina. The following day another vision was
reported, this time also by four other young people:
Marija Pavlović, Jakov Colo, Vicka Ivanković, and
Ivan Dragicevic. For several years the six visionaries
reported seeing daily apparitions from the Virgin Mary
and Međugorje became crowded with pilgrims. It has
been reported that Our Lady of Međugorje has been
appearing daily to three of these visionaries ever

Our Lady of the Rosary of San Nicolas, Argentina

An ordinary housewife, a mother and grandmother
who had no formal education and no knowledge off
the Bible or theology claimed that she was visited by
the Blessed Mother daily for a period of over 6 years.
Nov 14, 1990, by
the Bishop of San
Nicolas, Monsignor
Domingo Castagna
Ecclesiastically Aproved Miracles