Purgatory is the purification of those who die in God’s grace, and therefore are already sure of being able to enter Paradise, but need further purification in order to obtain the holiness necessary to enter the joy of Paradise.

How can we help such a purification?

  • God purifies, with the merits of Christ who died and rose from the dead, all those in Purgatory, thanks also to the collaboration that we can give them.
  • We, who are still pilgrims here on earth, can in fact help our deceased who are in Purgatory:
    • with our prayers for the deceased, in particular by participating in the celebration of the Holy Mass and even by celebrating the Holy Mass for them;
    • with works of penance and charity;
    • with Indulgences, which are the forgiveness granted by God of temporal punishment for the sins already forgiven as regards one’s offences. Every Christian pilgrim here on earth can acquire through the intervention of the Church, such Indulgences, if duly made available and under certain conditions, and can apply them to the deceased in such a manner that they can be relieved from due temporal punishment for their sins.